Underwater hullcleaning

Long periods spent loading in South American

West and African waters can lead to hull fouling.

The hull becomes dirty and uneven, friction

reduces vessel’s speed and increases fuel



The underwater cleaning EVERDIVE offers will

enhance vessel’s performance by removing

marine fouling, thus restoring hull to optimal

streamlined condition, maximizing the economy of vessel’s operation.


Our experienced staff will choose the most

suitable brushes for any type of fouling taking

care of special paintings and coatings including

silicone coatings.




Everdive Marine Services brush kart hull cleaners are run by electric hydraulic power packs, powering three or two brush carts depending on the zone of the ship or curve areas to be cleaned,.


We also have four different types of brushes that our divers will choose in each case depending on type of fouling and painting. Brushes run from soft silicone brush to a combination of hard silicone and steel plates when extreme hard and large barnacles are on the hull.






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